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"Thank You so much John! The piece I just bought from you made my living room complete! I could never have afforded this elsewhere and you made it possible! I love the way it has turned my whole living room around. Now all I need is a sectional for my family room!!! Your store is constantly filled with amazing furniture and I can always count on you guys to find the right stuff!"
-Cynthia E., Burbank, Ca

"I love your store. I saved lots of money buying from and gave me ideas to sell my own products I don't need anymore!"
-Marcella J., Burbank, Ca

"I am busy working and have tons of products to sell but no time whatsoever . I tried to sell a few on my own ( online ) but the work was overwhelming. I am glad there is finally a service like yours to take care of everything for me and I still make money. Thank you for the professionalism, experienced staff and helping me clean out my house! J"
-Carlo H., Glendale, Ca

"Wow, so many products all in one location. Why buy new when I can save money and buy used furniture which is in great condition. Thanks to the guys at The Public Store, glad to find you!"
-Audrey S. Los Angeles, Ca

"The guys at the public store are awesome, they sold multiple items of mine including fast and reliable service with utmost professionalism. I would recommend the company to anyone who needs to get rid of items. Not only do they have nice items on consignment but the really take of peoples products from start to finish. Their customer service and follow up is remarkable. to anyone who needs the service of a consignment company The Public Store is the way to go. thanks"
- Ara B. (aka GORGOR)., Winnetka, Ca

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Live Auction May 3, 2014 at 12:00 P.M.


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